Real Estate Perspective on Greater Kemp Mill (KM) Area
The Ciment and Shields Team has had a long and deep association with the Greater Kemp Mill Area having sold over 500 homes and an additional 100 condos. We have followed the development of parts of Greater Kemp Mill by different builders and individuals. In fact, we have advised several builders on what are the favorite features of many buyers in Kemp Mill. Our breakdown of subdivisions and areas is directly linked to the fact that some areas were built with different models, styles and price ranges and these distinctions show up in real estate valuations in transactions and in the interests of buyers.

For years, we have been sending a report from time-to-time to Greater Kemp Mill residents and owners that exhibited sales by Featured Areas in what we called an Area/Style Report. That report was structured geographically based on my experiences in seeing how Greater Kemp Mill developed and especially, how buyers told us in what areas they were seeking a home. Now, this website allows one to view listings and recent sales in real-time based on these Kemp Mill Areas that we have delineated in those reports. See List of Featured Areas Below.

Greater Kemp Mill Subdivisions and My Featured Map Areas (see Map Below) Copyright © 2022
  • Kemp Mill Estates : ~1,280 homes on both sides of Lamberton Drive, bounded by Arcola Avenue and Kemp Mill Rd (mostly built by Greenberg & Kay)
  • Kemp Mill Farms : ~110 homes: North and West of Kemp Mill Road (multiple builders including, Manny Holtz, Seidel, ...)
  • Grays Lane : An unpaved road opens to 8 residential home sites bordering Wheaton Regional Park, with a wide range of custom homes
  • KM/Hermleigh Area : ~111 Homes on Hermleigh, Saddlerock Rd/Ct and Auth Lane (Various builders and custom homes)
  • KM/Tallwood Glen : ~50 Stanley Halle homes in the Yeatman Terrace/Court/Farm Area (Parts of Bromley / Kersey Streets)
  • Kemp Mill Forest : ~110 Stanley Martin homes, including 15 Townhouses
  • KM/Overlook : (5 Design Tech Homes)/ North Kemp Mill Rd : (10 homes, multiple builders)
  • Springbrook Forest : ~108 homes: Access through Stonington Rd/(+15 homes in Viewcrest Ter - Legal Subdivision actually Kemp Mill Estates Ter.) (Multiple builders and newer custom homes)
  • KM/Arcola Place/Woods : ~68 homes south of Arcola Ave
  • KM/Arcola Townhouses : (6 units) (Called Arcola Oaks by Builder Roderick Guthrie)
  • KM/Watermill Townhouses : ~30 Units (Stonington Woods Home Owners Association)(Various Builders)
  • KM/Hemingway Court Townhouses : ~13 Units
  • University Towers : 1111/1121 University Blvd W: ~522 condo units