What is Kemp Mill? First, we need to understand that there are many possibly confusing designations of Kemp Mill. As an unincorporated area in Montgomery County, Maryland, Kemp Mill does not have officially defined boundaries by Maryland authorities.

Montgomery County abounds with many city-like areas that are unincorporated communities. For example, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Silver Spring and Kemp Mill have no official boundaries but, may have varying designations from the United States Census Bureau, the United States Geological Survey or the United States Postal Service. This is why we made these efforts to help our clients and customers to better understand the picture of what is the Kemp Mill Real Estate Market.

For years, we have been sending a report from time-to-time to Greater Kemp Mill residents and owners that exhibited sales by Area/Style Report. That report was structured geographically based on our experiences in seeing how Greater Kemp Mill developed and especially, how buyers told us in what areas they were seeking a home. We have personally designed a color-coded map of My Designated Greater Kemp Mill Areas and we are publishing those reports periodically on this website. See Below.


Kemp Mill Area Style Report Jan – Oct 2023

Jan - Oct 2023 Area Style Report

Kemp Mill Area Style Report Full Year 2022

2022 Area Style Report

Kemp mill area Style Report FULL YEAR 2021


Kemp Mill Area/Style Report For fULL YeaR 2020

Kemp Mill Area Style 2020


Kemp Mill Area/Style Report for Full Year 2019

KM Style Report 2019


Kemp Mill Area/Style Report for Full Year 2018

KM Area Style Report Full Year 2018